Forensic Services

Analysis and review of financial records
to extract facts that can be used in investigative activities

Identification of the irregular/illegal activities.

Nature, extent and value of any financial loss.

Identify any control weaknesses.

Root cause analysis.

Progress reporting bi weekly to *Client* management.

Perform data analysis in relation to transactions/payments.

Analyse the flow of funds in order to identify the ultimate beneficiaries.

Criminal, irregular and/or improper conduct by employees and/or third parties involved.

Collect lawfully admissible evidence with a view to instituting disciplinary, civil and/or criminal charges against complicit parties.

Consider the necessity to forensically image and analyse the computers and/or mobile devices linked to employees.

Provide necessary support in any subsequent disciplinary, civil and/or criminal processes that may follow (where required).

Provide a consolidated report with appropriate recommendations in respect of allegations and related findings.

Perform background intelligence searches to obtain strategic information on identified employee(s) and/or third parties.